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For as long as I can remember, I’ve loved stories. Stories in the music I listen to, films I watch, books I read, and my favorite, life stories.


We all have a beautiful and unique life story to tell. If we’re honest, our stories are probably filled with a lot of pain, regret, and sadness… But I see these moments as a gift. A gift for growth. Can these moments make us more loving, wise, or empathetic?


EverSōl is an expression of my life story. The big orchestral sounds, haunting melodies, and moody tones tell a true story of my life struggles and the emotions I so often keep pent-up inside. But beyond that, it’s an advocate for mental health, hope throughout the pain, and unshakable faith in a higher power. EverSōl is a light forever shining. A light in your darkest hour. 


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