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EverSōl Enneagram


The Enneagram is a personality tool that gives us profoundly accurate insights into why we behave, think, and feel the way we do. (Ennea meaning 9; gram meaning drawing) refers to the 9 basic personality types that make up the Enneagram. Each of the 9 types has a distinct set of core motivations. The core motivations show us what’s most important to us and the strategies we use to satisfy those values. Understanding these strategies can lead to deep self-awareness, as well as a greater understanding and compassion for others. These patterns of thinking, feeling, and behaving can be so automatic that we aren’t consciously aware of them. While most of the time, they serve us well, they can also hinder our ability for personal growth and prove to be troublesome when we’re not at our healthiest. Once we become aware of these strategies or patterns, we are able to make more informed decisions about our actions.


In the same way we can use the Enneagram to better understand ourselves, we can also use it to understand what drives another person's behavior. For example, if we know someone's aggressive behavior is coming from a place of fear, then we will automatically soften our responses and better relate to them. Each of the 9 types sees and interacts with the world from their own perspective, all of which are valid. Think of it like we’re all wearing different colored lenses - if you wear blue lenses, then you see the world in blue, but if you wear green lenses, you see the world in green. And so on, and so on. This understanding of other people can provide us with so much more compassion toward one another, as well as practical ways of relating and communicating with each other.


I believe that complete transformation can only come from Jesus Christ, but having clarity of your inner world (which is exactly what the Enneagram offers) can be a serious game changer. Religious or not, I know learning about yourself with the help of the Enneagram will be a pivotal step toward growth in your life!


15-30 Minute Consultation

In this free consultation, I will ask you a few questions to get to know you a little better, as well as answer any questions you may have for me. We'll chat about my three-step coaching process and go over which option is best suited for your needs.


Discovering You (Typing Session)

This is a 50-minute session where I will help guide you in discovering your main Enneagram type.


Exploring You (5 Session Package)

After discovering your main type, we will take a deep dive into exploring YOU! This package consists of 5 50-minute sessions, each with a customized guide sheet. I will guide you every step of the way as you begin to learn more about yourself and move toward a path of growth and transformation.


*Option to pay per session is available upon request


Couples Coaching (6 Session Package)

This package will consist of 6 80-minute sessions. We will DISCOVER each of your main types, then EXPLORE and go deeper for each type throughout each session.

*Option to pay per session is available upon request


Becoming Your Truest Self

After completing the Discovering and Exploring You sessions, I will help you apply all you've learned to your everyday life. (Personal, professional, and spiritual)

for Price

About Me

I was first introduced to the Enneagram during pre-marital counseling with my soon to be husband, Greg. During this phase of my life, in spite of how excited I was to marry my best friend and transition into entrepreneurship, I was struggling. Why was it so hard for me to be my own boss? Why did I so often feel overwhelmed, unmotivated, or drained? And why couldn’t Greg understand me and my struggles the way I thought he should? The list went on and on. But once I discovered I’m an Enneagram type 9, suddenly so many of my questions were answered. My path forward was finally clear.

I became an Enneagram coach because discovering my own type was like someone turning the lights on inside my brain for the first time. I had been walking around in the dark for years, fumbling through relationships, hiding my flaws, and trying to accept that maybe I was just weird. The Enneagram profoundly impacted my life, not only by helping me understand myself with immense clarity but also by how to navigate complex relationships and have more compassion for others. My heart is so full knowing that I get to pass the gift of the Enneagram along to the world. Paired with the finished work of Christ, I know this tool can and will transform your life.

A few fun facts:

  • My husband and I are both musicians living in Nashville, TN.

  • We have an adorable Goldendoodle named Ridley.

  • I love anything cozy and comfortable (e.g. soft blankets, socks, food, beverages, etc.)

  • I write a lot of dark and moody songs even though I’m a pretty light and upbeat person.

  • I physically shut down if I’m cold! 🥶

  • I’m equally fascinated and terrified of outer space.

"I create a safe space for individuals and couples to explore who they are and discover their paths to growth and healing with the help of the Enneagram."



Thanks for inquiring about my coaching services! I'll get back with you soon.

There is hope, healing,

and purpose for you.

Taking the first step is

always the hardest…



Let’s dive in.

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